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Since the limitation of current DNS allowed only plain ASCII character set, there are 2 different approaches to enable Thai (defined as non-ASCII characters) domain names on the Internet:
(i) Modify directly in every existing DNS servers including 13 DNS root servers to accept non-ASCII characters domain names

(ii) Develop an application that allow non-ASCII characters domain names to be represented in the existing DNS servers
Neither approach has perfect solution nor requires no changes in either client-side or server-side system.

More information on pros and cons of each approach is available in IETF Internet Draft Comparison of Internationalized Domain Name Proposals - July 2000.

The basic reasons that ThaiURL rather not select the first approach at this stage are:
(i) It violates requirement in RFC 1591 Domain Name System Structure and Delegation and RFC 2870 Root Name Server Operational Requirements

(ii) It doesn't work with many existing protocols that relies on DNS

(iii) It doesnt work in computer network where having intermediate system (i.e. firewall, proxy) which strictly configured in conforming to RFC 1034, although both end-to-end systems are non-ASCII character-enabled

(iv) It might disturb and interrupt the current use and operation of the existing DNS that serve Internet community well for almost 30 years
Consequently, ThaiURL has chosen the second approach with the following numerous reasons:
(i) No requirement to modify any DNS servers or setup any new DNS root servers which lead to Internet standard violation

(ii) No changes to current DNS protocols at all

(iii) Conform to RFC 1034 and RFC 1035

(iv) No disturbance or interruption of the current use and operation of the existing domain name system on the Internet
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